We wanted a get away to somewhere warm. Somewhere to escape the cold and dark winter in Berlin for a few weeks. Someone had recommended the Canary Islands which is a Spanish cluster of islands off of the coast of Morocco. After researching a bit about the region and finding out that it's twice as warm as Berlin in January and the sun goes down 2 hours later, it didn't take much convincing before we booked our flights and started planning for our trip! I started researching for vacation homes with Holidu where they have over 7 million rentals world-wide! My favorite part about renting a vacation home is that you get to actually feel what it is like to live there for a period of time. We found the most gorgeous place in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. It was decorated fantastically and I felt immediately comfortable and at home. Down the street was a local grocery store where we were able to stock up our kitchen for our stay. We got to enjoy dinners on our back patio, breakfasts in the sunroom, and play our music as we pleased. Holidu partners with names you can trust like and one of my favorites, Tripadvisor. The search engine is lightning fast and compares thousands of vacation rentals at your fingertips. With its high end price comparison platform it can save you up to 55%, making your rentals much cheaper than with other websites. The best part is it's not just houses- you can also find castles, house boats, farms, cottages, villas, and plenty more exciting places to sleep in. I love the feeling of staying somewhere authentic, where you can greet your neighbors as you pass by on the street and really get a taste of what life is like there. You can fully immerse in the culture and leave with a better understanding of what life is like in far away places. Holidu has rentals in over 35,000 cities and 201 countries so you won't have any trouble finding your perfect place, whether it be high up in a mountainous village or in a bustling city. Another brilliant feature is the Holidu Google Streetview where you can make sure you're in a good area, far away from construction sites, loud busy streets, or any other surprises that could hinder your stay. 

My top picks for places to explore on the island:

  1. El Cotillo- A casual and quaint beach town surrounded by soaring cliffs and white sand beaches. Plenty of hiking and exploring to do!
  2. Peninsula de Jandia- This beach is absolutely mind blowing. There was hardly anyone there and you had to walk across a flat white sand beach for 30 minutes before you even reach the water. Colors fill the sky from kite surfers taking advantage of the huge waves. 
  3. Corralejo- White sand beaches, super windy, and perfect for kite surfers! Hands down some of the most beautiful ocean water I've ever seen! Great views of Lobos Island as well.
  4. Oasis Park- A beautiful and well done zoo on the southern end of the island. Tons of space for the animals who are treated well and with respect here. I would actually recommend spending a full day here!
  5. Cofete- Crazy beach that looks like the face of the moon! Arid massive mountains set the backdrop for this long beach. You must have an off-road vehicle to reach the beach and it is quite the long and treacherous 30 minute drive out there.
  6. Betancuria- Beautiful old village filled with lots of history and quaint restaurants to enjoy local tapas and beautiful views!
  7. Aloe Vera manufacturers- All over the island and great place to learn all about the growth and production of one of earths super plants! 
  8. Corralejo Dunes- Rolling vast hills of bright white sand dunes with the ocean to one side and dramatic volcanos in the back. The most magical place to sit and watch the sun go down.
  9. Ferry to Lobos Island- Just a 25 minute ferry ride from the north across to the magical little island. It is an uninhabited nature preserve filled with rare birds and plenty of fascinating landscape that you can explore.
  10. The Calderon Hondo Volcano- The island is filled with tons of inactive volcanos that are great for hiking around. Calderon has a crater that is 70 meters deep and is one of the best preserved ones on the island!