The HENRI Hotel was built in 1911 and is located in the middle of the charming old West Berlin. It's near the brilliant shopping district of Kurfürstendamm and right in the center of Charlottenburg surrounded by fancy restaurants, deluxe boutiques, art galleries, quaint movie theaters and of course luxurious bars and clubs. The building once was the infamous Hotel Bogota, which reigned from 1967 until 2013 when in closed it's doors. The famed hotel was frequented by celebrities such as photographer, Helmet Newton, which is where he first learned photography. He photographed tons of celebrities in the historically rich hotel.  
The hotel is dripping in vintage charm, with several different grand salons to enjoy coffee or tea in and a stunning kitchen where Frühstück and Abendbrot is served. My favorite part about staying in boutique hotels is the warmth and cheerfulness you experience when everyone is having breakfast together. The kitchen has the most beautiful tiled flooring along with modern amenities mixed with antiques. Copper pans hang on the wall with heirloom platters along with a vintage SMEG oven. Breakfast was served  with bacon and eggs on the stove where you could help yourself- warm baked bread, croissants, fresh cut veggies and fruit, cheeses, yogurts and delightful musli with seeds, nuts, with dried fruit toppings. In the evenings they serve a traditional German Abendbrot with bread, meats, and cheeses so you don't have to worry if you don't want to trek into the city for a meal. It felt so cozy and warm, with classical music echoing through the rooms, goodnight stories being read to children, businessmen discussing grand plans over espressos, and couples dressed up for a night on the town. 
There are 3 different kinds of rooms to choose from- the cozy "cabinet" rooms, the "Les chambres" rooms, and the remarkably spacious "Salon" rooms, where we stayed. All beautifully decorated with hand picked antique furniture, English wallpapers, high ceilings with crown molding, with brilliant attention paid to every tiny detail. Our Salon Room had a 4 post canopy king size bed,  luxurious linens, a gorgeous antique green velvet sofa, french doors opening up to a long balcony, and the most beautiful state of the art rug. 
We met at HENRI for our second anniversary for some wine and then went out for some authentic Italian food at Romero for some of the best gnocchi and limoncello in Berlin. From there we made our way over to The Hat Bar, a warm and smokey Jazz club with stellar cocktails and old-timey vibes. HENRI Hotel is the perfect place for guests visiting the city, but even if you live in Berlin, it's also a dreamy location if you want an escape and a romantic place to spend a special occasion. 
The original HENRI is in the city center of Germany's harbor city, Hamburg while their third location is due to open in Dusseldorf by 2018.

Recommendations for things to do from henri:

  1. Schloss Charlottenburg - Experience a traditional German palace, incredible during the Christmas Markets
  2. Monkey Bar - For epic views of West Berlin and the zoo along with delicious cocktails
  3. Berlin Zoo- 1,400 species and a giant zoo, right around the corner 
  4. Bikini Berlin- The world's first concept shopping mall, carefully curated with local designers and pop up shops
  5. C/O Berlin acclaimed art gallery with photography and visuals
  6. Museum für Fotografie - Showcasing Helmet Newton's masterpieces of photography