When I first moved to Berlin almost 2 years ago, I recall googling "top 10 cutest German towns" and Quedlinburg popped up. I've been dreaming about going ever since and finally last weekend we spontaneously went for a weekend getaway from Berlin. The medieval village dates back to the 900's and is just north of the Harz Mountains. The town has a whopping 2,000 adorable half timbered houses that still stand today. Lurking over the tiny "dorf" is the Quedlinburg Castle which is a thousand-year-old Romanesque monastery church (our favorite place to watch the sunset.) The UNESCO World Heritage town is truly a treasure- filled with winding cobbles stone alleys, window boxes overflowing with colorful flowers, tiny houses where you stand taller than the doorframe, and surrounded my green whimsical hills. All of the houses have been restored and kept in the original form, even if they've matured into a completely wonky and crooked (yet adorable) state.

Getting there from Berlin was a breeze. We booked our ride with Flixbus which leaves from many locations in Berlin. I always love traveling with them because the buses have AC (a rarity in Europe in summer), great wifi so that I could work they whole way there, a restroom, and also great views. To me, it's easier than lugging all your stuff to the airport and having to wait hours in security and check in lines. The routes are always super direct if you book with enough time in advance. We left from the Berlin Central Bus Station and it took us straight to Quedlinburg in less than 3 hours. Not to mention, the prices are unbeatable. The booking system is beyond simple, and all you have to do is make sure you have your confirmation and bar code on your phone at boarding with the app. Flixbus has 200,000 connections per day- you can literally travel all over Europe with them!

Where to stay... 


We stayed at the delightful Romantik Hotel Am Brühl. The half timbered hotel was once a former sawmill business which was restored in 1992. The courtyard of the hotel is abundant with greenery and potted flowers along with cozy seating areas to enjoy when the weather allows. The hotel also includes a separate stable which has been later converted into a stunning dining room for dinner. The second generation family owned hotel welcomes you warmly and makes you feel right at home. The history that has transpired the town, and hotel, is fascinating- through many hardships, it prevailed. When you walk through the hallways and grounds, you are instantly immersed in rich history. Although the building is antique, the rooms are flooded with light, tastefully decorated with shabby chic furniture and linens, and are fully equipped with contemporary finish outs and electronics. We loved the iPad where guests can read all about the history of the hotel and see black and white photos from the past generation. The hotel consists of 48 bedrooms which also include a huge breakfast buffet. We loved our attic apartment room with views of both sides of the hotel, including the towering castle right in front of our window.  Not only is the Old Town of Quedlinburg directly at the hotels doorsteps, nature engulfs the town. Right behind the hotel is a romantic park that leads to the wheat fields. We rode our bikes 22 km from Quedlingburg to the neighboring villages. Between all of the medieval villages are green lavished, rolling hills that stretch throughout. It's perfect if you want a little bit of history and some nature as well- I can't imagine a more relaxing and dreamy place. 

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