It’s no secret that the Danes are famous for their impeccable design. Located in the historical citadel of Frederiksstad, Hotel SKT Annæ brings the Copenhagen street design indoors. While being located in the heart of the city, you’re right around the corner from the Nyhaven canal, dotted with colorful houses and old fisherman boats. You can sink into a big sofa with a book or coffee in hand next to the crackling fire in their cozy lounge, instantly bringing you quiet and tranquility.  On the other hand, you can sit in the enclosed courtyard for breakfast under strung lights and Copenhagen sky. Whether it be winter or summer,  you get the feeling you’re outside. It’s the kind of hotel you’re going to want to get lost in while exploring the old building connected to the new. You can wander to the rooftop which gives you panoramic views of the architecturally brilliant city. I loved watching the autumn sun go down and the lights from the homes warm the city streets. With 145 rooms and suites you can always expect plenty of peace and quiet while they are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While preserving the hotel’s history and charm, they have managed to integrate modern and important amenities into the rooms to make you feel even more at home.


The hotel dates back to the 18th century where the citadel of Frederiksstad was founded. In 1851, Mrs. Svendsen opened up a “speak easy” type of hotel called “Neptun” in the building without a license. Since the hotel was illegal she mostly hosted guests that were criminals and outlaws. In order to come into the hotel, you had to know the secret password, “Neptun.” The hotel’s design was heavily influenced by the legendary Danish painter, Vilhelm Hammershøi, who was deeply inspired by Copenhagen which is evident in his paintings. He is famously known for his strict color palate of black, white, and darker brown shades. In 2015 the hotel underwent its first renovation where 21 new rooms were added and the lounge along with reception were remodeled. Many old sketches of the builders were found within the old walls during the renovation, not matching at all to the real floor layout, causing delays in the renovation process and quite a bit of humor. In 2016 with the hotel renovations came a new name, changing from from Neptun to Hotel SKT. Annæ. With the second round of renovations in 2017, 99 new Deluxe rooms where born and while the hotel keeps it’s old charm intact, the inside is brand new.

Caitlin CollinsComment