I met Jordan when I was probably 14 years old at a cheerleading gym. I remember we all watched her prance across the tumbling mats, her beautiful hair bouncing, us green with envy. It wasn't until we got to know her that we realized immediately that she was more than just good at tumbling. She had the brightest personality that could illuminate a room and a contagious laugh that you immediately fell in love with. We were inseparable for the years after until we parted ways for college. I remember visiting Jordan in college one summer. She pointed across a loud crowded room and said, "that's him." That was the first time I saw Jace and I realized there was someone else on this planet with the same beaming smile and infectious cheerfulness as Jordan. Fast forward 7 years later I flew to Colorado to photograph their special day.  I'm honored to know two people so in love, not only for each other but for everyone that surrounds them. 

Caitlin CollinsComment