Today I teamed up with Berlin food stylist @Beckybiel to check out the new Rose Garden. The cafe is right in the middle of the super trendy, bustling neighborhood of Mitte. The restaurant is designed with everything wrapped around the transparent kitchen where you can see the chefs at work. Whether you're looking for coffee and pastries, a quick juice, or simply a delicious and healthy meal- RG has everything. The breakfast menu has heaps of choices from chia pudding or granola with fresh berries, to different styles of poached eggs or quinoa breakfast bowls. For lunch we loved the open faced sandwiches with sugar free or vegetarian options. For a late lunch or early dinner there are 'mix and match' salads made to order along with huge main course dishes (also in veggie or gluten free options.) The beautifully fresh and vibrant atmosphere is not to be missed.  

Caitlin Collins1 Comment