When I was a child, I used to pick out all of the cookie dough bites out of my ice cream. Fast forward 20 years later I'm walking down my favorite street in Prenzlauer Berg and see the cookie dough bar Spooning Cookie Dough! My childhood dream has come true. It's the first of it's kind in Germany and people are coming from all over the country... and world... to check out the new phenomenon. Do you remember baking with your mom as a child and her telling you not to eat the batter because it will cause a stomach ache? Well that's the genius part of this whole thing. The cookie dough here is made without egg or baking soda- so you have nothing to worry about! Other than the addiction aspect, as every single flavor is delicious (I would know... I tried them all.) 

The cookie dough bar is found on Kollwitzstra├če, my favorite place for a stroll on Saturdays. Not only does it have one of the best produce, cheese, and artisan goods market in town, it's lined with adorable shops and beautiful architecture. You'll see families lined up outside the cookie dough shop waiting to try the new treat that is all of the sensation in the neighborhood, everyone leaving with beaming smiles across their faces. Not only is everyone super friendly there, but the atmosphere of the shop makes you feel like you're somewhere between a Willy Wonka movie or a futuristic land. With bright pinks, yellows, blues, and neon lights... people can't help but whipping their cellphones out and snapping shots (I witnessed small children and adults alike all doing this.) 

We all know Berlin can be dreadfully cold and dark in the winter, to the point where eating ice cream can be a challenge. The cookie dough isn't frozen so it won't give you a brain freeze while eating it and it's the perfect treat when it's cold out (it also won't melt in the summer.)  Much less messy than your average ice cream cone. They also have filtered coffee, ice lattes (I was sold on this because they're hard to find in Germany,) and plenty of drinks to choose from. It's the perfect alternative to Germany's traditional 4 o'clock coffee and cake time. #forgetyourdiet