This past week I spent 8 days traveling around Portugal- from Lisbon to the Island of Madeira and then to the north in Porto. When I travel I try to see as much as possible and immerse fully in the culture (which includes eating a ton of delicious, but not always healthy food.) I took the new SUPERFOOD Smoothie Bowl Mixes from Feinstoff on my trip so that I could have a quick and easy breakfast- ensuring I get the nutrients and essentials before a long day of site seeing. The Austrian company combines Ayurveda (a holistic healing medicine that is over a thousand year old from India) with nutrient rich superfoods- blended into a powder. What I loved about traveling with the mixes was that I could add it to anything! In my Airbnb I just used water or vegan milk, added the mix, and ate it as simple as that! I grabbed berries from the local markets to top it with. You can even add it as a crunchy topping to yogurt and fruit or you can simply blend it into a smoothie. The products are 100% organic and vegan along with no additives. Even better- the taste, smell, and color are completely natural and free of any alteration. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, most of us are too rushed to prepare a huge meal. I love having the assurance of knowing my blood sugar isn't going to plummet because I can rely on these quick and healthy breakfasts.