You can find Royals & Rice on the bustling street of Torstraße in Mitte. I sat down the other day with Butch, the German/ Vietnamese mastermind behind the restaurant. Butch grew up in the restaurant industry and it had always been a dream of his to open his own someday. Now here he is, with an incredible spot in one of the most popular areas in Berlin, along with a Munster location and in Oldenburg. The colorful and delicious food is completely unadulterated and the coffee which hails from Munster is without additives or flavor enhancers (you know, the ones that always give you headaches.) You can order anything from a Thai curry, Vietnamese summer rolls and Banh Bao, Sushi topped with coconut lime guac, and even burgers with sweet potato fries. I love finding new spots where I can take my computer to edit and drink a nice coffee. R&R has a gorgeous courtyard where you can hang out and have a nice relaxing place to work. On Friday's the restaurant has live music in the evenings and the place fills with people ready to enjoy cocktails and good tunes. For those of you gluten free or vegan/vegetarian readers- no need to fret. The menu clearly marks gluten free and vegetarian items and has plenty to choose from. In Berlin's famous "Burgers & Hip Hop" party,  with nearly 500 votes, Royals & Rice won the competition for Berlin's Best Burger (with an Asian twist!)