This week I went to check out one of the four CARAS Gourmet locations in Steglitz. The bright and airy bistro was busy with customers buzzing in and out while others enjoyed a nice book lounging on the sunny patio. My ears always perk up when I hear anything about modern and healthy food. I am always interested in finding new and unique, fresh recipes to try. The cafe has 3 other locations- two in Charlottenburg and another in Mitte. The Steglitz spacious cafe has a loft for those who prefer a quiet place to read or work. CARAS was first founded in 1998 and has been making a statement in Berlin ever since in the healthy food scene. All of the food is made in its production kitchen by 13 carefully chosen cooks with a passion for creating delicious and healthy meals. The produce is bought daily and prepared handmade, without using added flavor enhancers. I had the hardest time choosing which salads to get because everything looked so incredible. Each salad has a purpose, whether it be filling you with Vitamin C or Omega 3 fatty acids. If it's coffee time (from what I've gathered- mornings and anywhere from 3-6 in Berlin) then they have some awesome baristas and treats to go with your cappuccino like the whole grain apple tart or waffle that I tried. Although I went for lunch I had to try the Vegan Overnight Oats With Berries and cannot wait to go back for breakfast now. It's filled with oats, chia and flax seeds,  and soaked in almond milk with banana puree. I also tried the Vegan Red Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad which was just as healthy as it was colorful. People often have the preconceived notion that healthy foods can't be filling, but CARAS hardy salad  recipes prove us wrong. The cafe also has a large assortment of ice tea to go along with your meal for a warm summer day. In the lab room of the cafe, CARAS offers coffee work shops several times a year so that people can learn how to prepare good coffee and the differences in various varieties. The menu items change seasonally and are always bringing in new, fresh and original specials to try. More exciting news- they also cater! It would be such a nice change of pace for a healthy luncheon or birthday party to have fresh and new choices instead.