This week I checked out the adorable Lula Am Markt in the Berlin kiez of Friedenau. The cafe is found right off the Breslauer Platz which has its famous fresh farmers markets 3 days a week. It's like a small town within a big city where all the neighbors know each other and are regulars there, buying their daily local produce. Although it was pouring rain, the minute you step foot into the cafe a sort of warmth and happiness consumes you. With exposed brick, tables topped with vibrant flowers, tropical plants, and an aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread, it's a place you definitely want to stay for a while. Even on a Wednesday morning tables are booked up with reservations for the morning through lunchtime. The sourdough bread is baked in house 7 days a week with organic flour and let to mature for a whole 24 hours. It comes in all kinds of variations with things like walnut and fig or a Mediterranean one with sun-dried tomatoes and olives. 

We had quite the feast! We started with the French Toast that is cooked with their homemade croissants and fresh berries along with the hardy Golden Porridge with organic oats and quinoa. I also tried the most epic salad plate with fresh sourdough, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, apricots, with rosemary. Lula Am Markt is also known for their unique pizzas which are made with slow-milled Italian wheat flour that is 85% full grain.- topped with all sorts of different varieties of fresh veggies, meat, and cheeses. They're also known for the most addicting giant cinnamon rolls out there. There really is something for everyone on the menu whether it be a quick grab and go sandwich or salad, or a stay in and hang awhile, soup or breakfast platter (plenty of vegetarian options as well.) Other than it's delicious food, the cafe has of a small gift shop where you can find things like cards, chocolates, bowls, olive oil, and other cute trinkets, along with plenty of places to sit outside and inside. Lula is also open for dinner! So make a reservation ASAP and go check it out.