I came across No Fire No Glory in one of my favorite districts in Berlin. Prenzlauer Berg is filled with quaint boutiques, parks, cafes, and beautiful architecture. I stopped in to the bustling coffee shop on a Monday morning to find it must be a favorite amongst locals. No Fire No Glory began in 2009 and is one of the Speciality Coffee pioneers in Berlin. Victor, the head barista, knew the regular customers orders by heart and greeted them warmly. Only 2% of coffee shops in Berlin sell specialty coffee and NFNG is one of them. They sell two different blends  of fair trade coffee from micro roasters "Bonanza Coffee" local to Berlin and "The Coffee Collective" hailing from Copenhagen. You can tell everyone in there is passionate about coffee and enjoys the casual and friendly environment that is buzzing with people snagging a to-go coffee and others sticking around to dive deep into a good book.  I got to learn all about where the coffee comes from, the passionate farmers behind everything, the different roasting technique and the baristas who perfect the craft. They don't use any beans that are roasted over 15 days prior to ensure the highest quality and freshness. All espresso shots are ground to order here as well. Another fact I found super interesting is that NFNG gets its milk from an organic village called Brodowin where the milk is delivered from daily. 

They also sell breakfast and brunch every day from 8AM-2PM.  French toast and pancakes are offered along with "The Bomb"- four mouth watering pancakes topped with roasted bacon, organic poached eggs along with original coffee-infused maple syrup. It also all tasted as good as it sounds! I couldn't help myself and also tried the B.L.A.T. which reminded me of back home in Texas- roasted country style hearty bread topped with a mount of fresh avocados, organic eggs and a size salad drizzled in honey balsamic vinaigrette. Aside from the hot meals they have flaky, butter croissants, traditional pasteis de natas, pain au chocolat, and sandwiches you can take on the go. 

Caitlin CollinsComment