As you walk down the stairs to Zenkichi, you're led to an underground world that is no longer your familiar Berlin. You're transcended into a sleek, romantically lit, and captivating scene with winding and warmly lit walkways.  The Japanese brasserie brings an authentic Tokyo dining experience straight to the heart of Berlin in a swanky and intimate fashion, all beneath the bustling city above. Bamboo lines the stone pathways between the semi-private seating concept- cozy booths where you can roll down shades for further intimacy, allowing guests to focus more on enjoying their food and company. 


Instead of serving your typical Japanese sushi, Zenkichi dives deeper into authentic dishes where you can order à la Carte or from a tasting menu paired with sake from some of the most elite microbreweries. The cuisine is high quality and modern coupled with the sophisticated and inviting interior. They offer unique specialties that aren't very common outside of Japan- dishes that are new and surprising to the pallet and senses. You can choose the full "Omakase" chef's menu -a full eight-courses and varies seasonally to highlight the best produce and seafood on the market. Some of the signature dishes range from organic Apple-Fed simmered pork belly, homemade tofu, grilled Black Cod with a miso marinade, and Berkshire Kakuni. They also offer chilled plates such as a sweet duck salad, fried options like the Shrimp, Corn & Camembert Tempura (a personal favorite), plenty of grilled options from yellowtail to lamb, small selection of classic noodle & rice dishes


Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies founded the original Zenkichi in 2006 in Brooklyn before deciding that Berlin would also be the perfect place for a second location. With unique backgrounds hailing from Tokyo and Jerusalem, the two wove their passions for traditional Japanese cuisine to generate what Zenkichi is today.  Motoko is a certified sake Sommelier that has brought one of the largest selections of premium Japanese Sake in Europe to Berlin inside Zenkichi itself. You go to Zenkichi when you're enthusiastic about embracing new flavors and experiences, one that will be unforgettable. 


Kikuizumi Hitosuji  

(Takizawa Shuzo, -1863, Saitama) Junmai

Elegant sweetness of rice, good round body and delicate acidity.
The production of sparkling sake in the traditional Champagne method is extremely difficult. This rare bottle was perfected after 8 years of devotion by the master brewer himself. 



(Kamoizumi brewery, -1912, Hiroshima) Junmai Ginjo

Specially brewed to be enjoyed warm (nurukan), woody aroma of autumn forest, rich and creamy full of umami. The restaurant offers a wide selection of sakes that can be enjoyed at various temperatures but Zenkichi has selected this particular one because it has been designed to blossom under warmer temperatures. 


Nakagawamura no Tamako

(Yonozewa brewery, 1907, Nagano) Tokubetsu Junmai

Clean fragrance of Fuji apple followed by round and creamy aromas of steamed rice. Mild acidity and sweetness paired with a hint of bitterness make this sake a great accompaniment with a meal. 

Sarukura no Izumi

(Kikusui brewery, 1944, Nagano) Junmai Ginjo

Brewed using cool and soft, pure spring water from the famous Sarukura No Izumi spring in Nagano Prefecture. Ripe pineapple on the nose with a creamy and expansive taste make this sake a very interesting and  mellow accompaniment to a meal. 


Zenkichi will begin serving their Valentines Day menu on February 9th. Little chocolate boxes are served on special occasions such as Valentines Day where you can expect the special treat as well as a romantic dinner. To book yourself an intimate booth for a special occasion - Click here to make a reservation