Copenhagen is making headway as one of the best cities for foodies in the whole world- it’s innovative, bold, daring, and delicious. I headed over to Hey Darling to try their decked out gourmet snack balls. The casual cafe is home to the fancy meat (and veg) balls along with savory sides, tasty cocktails, and unconventional desserts (one with cotton candy on top!) The dishes are experimental, boldly colored, carefully plated, and creatively fashioned- making it difficult for you to not want to snap a million pictures. Not only is the food epic but they serve as local, homemade, and organic as possible. They make sure to source from fresh products and care about welfare of animals. The snack balls range from beef topped with ricotta and spices, chicken with quinoa and squash, pork with bourbon and bacon, along with a veggie option with chick peas, cauliflower and coriander seeds. They offer side dishes to share from linguini and gnocchi to potatoes and risotto or a veggie salad. They also offer an evening happy hour where you can grab a colorful and inventive cocktail with friends. As delicious and photogenic as it all is- the dessert menu is the highlight (the pictures will be convincing enough.)

Caitlin CollinsComment