After spending a week in Copenhagen, I have come to my own conclusion as to why Denmark is deemed the happiest country in the world. Of course, Hyyge has something to do with it but I believe the reason for their happiness is the unparalleled food scene. I had the honors of sitting down with English born Andrew Clatworthy, the head chef of Restaurant Meille. When you walk into the restaurant, you immediately see the ingredients on the walls, quite literally, the fermentation jars are sitting colorfully on the bookshelves as you enter. Clatworthy explained to me how the fermentation process works together with sustainability. Instead of throwing away food, when so many people in this world are starving, why not make use of it. He will use scraps from his cuttings and throw it into a jar to ferment to use later in another dish. Clatworthy is as passionate about the concept as he is innovative. The restaurant focuses on transitioning their menus with each season and uses local greens as well as Danish fish and meat. For lunch you can enjoy an à al carte menu and for dinner you have the option of a 3 or 5 option set menu. Other than the sustainable aspect, I also learned from Clatworthy the importance of the percentage of each ingredient in a dish. If you use too much or too little it could throw the whole flavor of the bite. In each dish he emphasized the importance of incorporating the elements that balance each other out.

Caitlin CollinsComment