A bit outside of downtown, in a quaint Danish neighborhood, you’ll find the lovely Cafe Baryl. The cozy cafe is an utter dream for Instagramers- pink walls, lush green plants, and the most colorful and creative food there is. Baryl isn’t your typical coffee and cake shop though- they take brunching to the next level. With things like homemade carrot hummus, honey mustard mayo, pickled red onions, or sun dried tomato tapenade- the kitchen has a way of sprucing up traditional brunch dishes and making them even more delicious and gourmet. From fruit topped chia seed bowls to sourdough bread topped with roasted salmon and a dripping poached egg- the cafe has you covered if you’re craving something sweet or savory. They also offer giant burgers if you’re going in ravished. The coffee shop has talented baristas who make each hot cup of coffee a work of art. They also serve Matcha and superfood decked out lattes. 

Caitlin CollinsComment