Tucked away in a courtyard within the vibrant quaint streets of Copenhagen, Restaurant Brace is situated in a pale yellow building behind a green picket fence. Nicola Fanetti, head chef and co-owner, describes Brace as a place where he can break the boundaries of tradition, where he can combine his Italian roots along with other inspirations he has found throughout life. The restaurant is a place where you can feel at home within it’s warm and beautifully designed interiors, yet you can expect fine dining and an experience that won’t be forgotten. 

The team is passionate about using the best ingredients on the market as well as making great relationships with small local farms, only to ensure the best quality. For the menu, you can choose from a 5 or 8 serving option which begins with the “snacks.” The 4 different snacks come served delicately on stones, wood, slate, and in a box- all of which you’re encouraged to eat with your hands. For the courses, I started with an arctic trout carpaccio accompanied with an oyster sauce, a turmeric cream, and chickweed. Next came the deconstructed steamed beetroot- it had been blended and remade into a lovely rollup on top of smoked goat ricotta and then drizzled with a juniper oil sauce and tiny onion bulbs. Then follows the olin ravioli with an incredible autumn truffle oil and an aromatic mushroom stock poured over. As we make our way through the meal the next course consists of sunflower seeds covered with dried deer heart and sage pesto. The main course was a free-range quail cooked with black garlic, a complimenting pomegranate sauce with wild dill oil. For the desserts you have a strawberry grape (which I learned is a grape that tastes like strawberry) sorbet with dehydrated grape skin, lavage oil, and oxalis. Lastly, is pine ice cream with Jersey yogurt mousse with a light bee pollen. 

When learning about the 8 courses, I thought surely there was no way that I could finish it all. But each dish is so light and satisfying that you don’t leave feeling grossly full. It’s the perfect balance of vegetables, meat, and fish. Brace is a gastronomical gem that takes you on a culinary journey, changing the way you think about food forever.

Caitlin CollinsComment