Lia's Kitchen is 100% Vegan and is in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Berlin on Kollwitzstra├če. You truly wouldn't believe it while chomping into one of their burgers- everything from the cheeses, sauces, "meat" patties, to the giant shakes and smoothies are entirely vegan. I'm fully addicted to the Spicy BBQ Mushroom Burger- it tastes like a good old fashioned Sloppy Joe (if you come from Texas, you'll know what this is.) They also serve a brand new Chicken Cheeseburger that has a crispy bun stuffed with a Seitan patty, marinated peppers, vegan feta, and dripping in finger-licking mayo chili sauce. They also have plenty of tasty salads to choose from but my go-to is their Lia's Kitchen Salad which comes with spinach, mint, walnuts, pecans, digs, apricots, and prunes, all drizzled in a pomegranate orange vinaigrette. They also have super healthy smoothies like the Health Insurance, Green Cleanser, and Purple Rain- all delicious but if I were you I would let loose a little and order one of the giant milkshakes. I truly cannot stop craving this place and throughout the harsh winter months in Berlin I have found myself ordering Lia's through Deliveroo more times than I am proud to admit.