Myface is a brand new modern and vibrant Vietnamese kitchen in Kreuzberg. The home cooked authentic dishes are made for someone with a big appetite. The foundation of the dishes is traditional but with artisan and modish flair. Every dish that is presented is a masterpiece- bold in color and flavor. I had the honor of photographing a tasting dinner where we got to experience the new restaurant and enjoy the delicious cuisine, drinks, and company on the lantern lit patio. The menu is brimming with tons of exciting new dishes to dive in to. The creativity doesn't goes unnoticed from the Vietnamese Banana Blossom Salad to the Fried Sticky Rice Sushi Rolls. I have never tried anything like it before. You can try the Banh Beo (Vietnamese Waterfern Cakes) which are rice cakes, dried shrimp, and green bean paste served with fish-lime sauce. It's a very well known traditional street food dish in the middle of Vietnam. Also completely new to me! Another absolute must try is the Banh Xeo (aka Vietnamese Pan Cakes) which are pan fried cakes ranging from yellow to green or purple topped with pork or shrimp along with soy sprouts, basil, and fish-lime sauce. This is a famous dish hailing from southern Vietnam. From northern Vietnam you will find dishes served here like the Banh Tom ( or the Sweet Potato Shrimp Fritters.) For a not-so-traditional plate you can go for the Banh Bao Burger which is a steamed bun stuffed with salad, tomatoes, cucumber, mango, and chicken or salmon. If you want something super filling and warm you can order the Com Tron- a rice bowl with either beef or fried duck with giant sweet potato cubes, a fried egg, seaweed salad, cucumber, beetroot, and caramelized fish sauce. You can of course order Pho when you're craving something traditional and a good hardy broth. Some of the dishes come out with a tea kettle of dry ice with steam pouring out making an even more incredible experience. The cocktails are also super intricate and photogenic (like the entire restaurant.) Head over to Myface to check it out for yourself!