This month Pure Food Store did a relaunch and teamed up with health scientist and author Hannah Frey from Project Healthy Living! Eva and Jana founded Pure Food Store in 2016 when they joined their passions for healthy eating. While on a search for a healthier living- the trio have partnered to create natural and high quality products for a more balanced diet. The products are all natural, simple, and self made. They now share with us gluten-free breads, power snacks like delicious seed crackers ( I couldn’t stop eating them,) chocolate chip cookies, DIY mixtures for energy balls, granolas, and pizza dough! You don’t even need a high powered mixer. All they require is water, oil, and occasionally a sweetener. The brownies were truly the best I’ve ever had. You’ll never find any additives like refined sugars, flavor enhancers, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Caitlin CollinsComment