In Nepal, after enjoying a delicious meal, one would say “Mitho Cha” to let the cook know they enjoyed their food! This week I headed to the Nepalese and Tibeten Kitchen, Mitho Cha, in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. The greatest part about living in such an international and diverse city such as Berlin, is I have the pleasure of trying so many different wonderful kinds of food from all over the world. This was my first time eating food from the region and I am not reluctant to admit that I think it’s my new favorite!

A few years ago, the two brothers Neils and Naro, decided to open the restaurant/ teahouse with the idea to inspire people to find an interest in their culture. They definitely have me convinced that I need to go there now, not only to take beautiful photos but to eat more of this incredible cuisine! The brothers family comes from the town Manang, high up in the north of Nepal nearly at the border of Tibet. The restaurant adheres to the ancient Ayurveda tradition where they believe if you eat correctly, then you won’t need medicine. Their recipes and spices are based on this idea so not only are you eating delicious food but nourishing your body.

They focus on 9 specific ingredients: ginger, turmeric, cumin, red and green chili, coriander, lime, black sesame, green cardamom, and cloves. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes but one of the most famous are the Momo’s- home made dumplings that are steamed in a kettle. Also known for their Thali plates- a traditional meal that is served with an assortment of different dishes to try along with rice (I tried the vegan #86 and cannot wait to go back and eat it 100 more times.) On that note- they can substitute any dish and make it vegan. 40% of the dishes at the restaurant are vegan but for the meat lovers you can go for the duck, lamb, or chicken as well.

Lastly, one of the coolest parts of the restaurant is where you can kick off your shoes and eat in the traditional way- sitting on colorful pillows on the ground. Here you can enjoy a big meal with friends, traditional hot teas, and of course cocktails! **Coca Cola and Nestlé products are not sold here for moral reasons which I am ALL ABOUT. They also have another location called Buddha House which is location in Schöneberg.

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