It’s an exciting time in Berlin for the rapidly growing food scene and I was thrilled to try Levantine food at the brand new Simsim for my first time. The greatest part about being a food photographer and living in an international and transient city like Berlin, is getting to meet people from all over the world, who similarly have a love for good cuisine, and a passion for giving me insight into their inspiration over a delicious meal and glass of wine.

Simsim, meaning sesame seed, is one of the base ingredients for the creamy dips that the cuisine is inspired by. The restaurant combines authentic dishes dating back centuries, hailing from traditional Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese cuisines, all served in a freshly modern environment that is warm and inviting. While retaining the ancient traditions and custom of warm hospitality, they preserve the culture, allowing us to experience it.

The menu offers “mezze” which are small portions made for you to share and enjoy with friends. While eating a meal at Simsim, you'll feel like you're absolutely indulging and spoiling yourself, yet in reality the food is actually quite healthy and offers plenty of veggie and vegan options. The food is served in a beautiful manner that compliments the interiors. The atmosphere exudes rich and warm bold colors, refurbished antique furniture, leafy green plants, and black and white images that give us a peak into beautiful historical moments from the past.

Caitlin CollinsComment