I always love taking the train over Gleisdreick park to West Berlin where the shopping promenades stretch endlessly and the elegant facades dazzle. This week I headed over to Sets Berlin for a vibrant brunch amongst the locals who you can tell regularly visit the cafe. The welcoming atmosphere is the kind of place you want to cozy up and read one of those books that you can’t set down. You watch people meet up for a quick coffee before work, businessmen bounce ideas over a cappuccino, or long time friends meeting to catch up while sipping mimosas at brunch. You can confidently enjoy homemade craft sourdough and know that it’s made with zero artificial or chemical additives. It’s carefully prepared with an ancient German traditional way of baking, allowing plenty of time for the dough to rise and then cooked in a natural stone oven. The breakfast menu is massive with tons of options: open faced sourdough bread sandwiches, a compilation of breakfast plates ranging from European to a hardy farmers choice, fresh fruits and muesli, berry or Nutella topped waffles, eggs prepared any way you desire along with savory or sweet French crepes. The highlight of the Set’s breakfast is the gorgeous 3 tier brunch tray which comes with 3 or 5 choices from the breakfast menu along with fresh bread, butter, and homemade marmalade. If the food menu isn’t large enough, the drinks menu is equally as exciting. Fresh squeezed juices, mimosas, soy milk macha lattes, and of course your favorite kinds of coffee. If you aren’t an early riser, don’t worry, they have a incredible lunch menu as well. They offer an ever changing soup of the day along with healthy and vibrant salads filled with fresh greens, veggies, fruit, nuts, and high quality proteins. They also serve hardy quiches, paninis and a famous German traditional dish “Flamme Küchen.” Sets also offers 2 guest rooms in an undeniable Berliner style with beautiful soaring ceilings, double pane windows looking out to the courtyard, all the while being wonderfully designed to keep you comfortable throughout your stay in Berlin.

Caitlin CollinsComment