I traveled to Frankfurt to explore the city’s culinary scene for the first time and was completely astounded. The bustling metropolitan city boasts a progressive gastronomy scene with inspiring chefs from all over the world. During my trip in Frankfurt I stayed at the towering 5 star Jumeirah Frankfurt hotel located in the heart of the city right next to “Zeil,” the famous shopping promenade. The hotel rooms have the best views in town of the soaring skyline and rolling hills that surround the city. I completely fell in love with the city by watching the sun disappear over the horizon and the twinkling lights of the city start to shimmer. 

I had the Chef’s Table experience at Max on One Grillroom, inside the hotel, where a giant window lets you have insight into a “behind the scenes” view of the incredible team working. Nils- Levent Grün creates dishes that modernize and reinvent classic recipes. You can choose anywhere from 3 to 7 courses or from an à la carte menu with delicacies from the land and sea. For the full 7 course menu you start with a goose liver “milchschnitte” on top of granola in a grilled Brioche with maple syrup followed by the King crab meat with smoked beetroot and Imperial caviar. Next, you’re served the foamed beef bouillon with roasted cheese dumplings, chives and sauerkraut. Then the delicately flamed salmon comes followed by the perfectly cooked grilled fillet and cheek of Garimori pork with cabbage prepared two ways. Finishing it off is the deconstructed cheesecake with candied citrus, meringue, and crumble that just melts in your mouth. Lastly, you can have the cheese selection trolly with 5 different kinds of cheese, chutney, and bread to end the incredible meal. From the à la carte menu there is also plenty of culinary treats to choose from- the highlight being where you can mix and match your protein of choice along with a side dish and the sauce to pair with it.

Caitlin CollinsComment