Last week I escaped the bustling streets of Frankfurt and went underground to the Japanese oasis that is The Sakai. For more than half of his life, Hiroshi Sakai has been working in the sushi industry and has opened several restaurants in Japan. He has now brought his knowledge and creativity to the German market and opened the most beautiful refuge, under the busy streets of Frankfurt.

As you walk down the steps to the restaurant, a sense of calm emerges. You slip off your street shoes, into comfy house shoes and make your way over to your table, where you sit floor level. The room boasts a traditional and authentic design principle known as “Wabi-Sabi,” meaning minimalism in Japan.

The Sakai restaurant merges Japanese cuisine with fresh ingredients found in Germany based on the seasons and local climate conditions. They only buy local products along with fish that specifically come from sustainable and gentle fishing methods, doing their part to protect the environment.

You can choose from a carefully curated 6, 7, or 8 course menu along with sake or wine pairings. There is also an option for a vegetarian/ vegan set menu.

Caitlin CollinsComment