Mitte is known for it's cafes, busy shopping streets, yellow metros zipping by, and most importantly, the "hinterhof" which means courtyard in German. The Hackescher Hof was built in 1906 and is hands down my favorite one in Berlin. The tiled buildings and quaint architecture make you feel like you're stepping into a time long ago. It is directly next to the old kino (movie theatre) that still shows films today. The first and main courtyard was designed by August Endell, an art nouveau artist and architect. The neighborhood is lively and bustling and one of my favorite places to go shopping and to get lost in the intertwined courtyards. It's the perfect place to break for a meal if you're out site seeing (or even a local like me but love Museum Island.) It is next to the Anne Frank Museum, the Berlin Dom, Monbijoupark, and the Spree. It might be in the middle of the exciting city, but you'll find locals here still getting their coffee and finding a table to read the newspaper and watch the people pass by. 

The Hackescher Hof Cafe Restaurant resides on the popular street, Rosenthaler Straße near Hackescher Markt. Walking into the restaurant transforms you back decades ago with black and white images hanging on the walls of the building and courtyard throughout the years. Although the restaurant is historically rich, the food is modern, fresh, and impeccably done. I got to sit down with the owner, a fellow travel lover who has been around the world, for an incredibly delicious meal. Each dish was fabulously constructed with traditional German components diversified with flavors from other countries. Instead of heavy dressings for the salads, they opt for something lighter yet equally tasty, using mashed avocado instead. My favorite dish was the roasted chicken paired with the purple cauliflower, sliced peaces and figs, all on top of a smoothie potato purée.  I also loved the Tandoori Chicken Skewers that were on a bed of asian noodles. For dinner you can also order beautifully prepared fish appetizers and main courses (trust me, even you will want to take a photo of your plate.) You can't go here without finishing your meal with a German Apple Strudel with ice cream and fruit. You can order more traditional dishes as well like the giant schnitzel plate. Lunch can be casual with a broad menu to choose from, while dinner is a bit more upscale and the perfect place for a birthday party or date night. Don't worry, breakfast and brunch is also served for those of you who like to start your day with delicious food and surroundings. I would suggest heading there before a movie next door so you can get the full experience of the Berlin Hinterdorf. Guten Appetit!