Last week I headed for dinner to experience the acclaimed Michelin Starred Hugos Restaurant on the 14th floor of the InterContinental Berlin hotel. With some of the best views over both sides of the city, the hotel is nestled in City West right near the Tiergarten. The restaurant is chic and contemporary with black tables which are contrasted with pops of pink flowers and colorful dishes. We started the evening with some champagne and dainty Hors d'oeuvres where I had the honor of meeting the restaurant's world renowned chef, the magician himself, Eberhard Lange.

Once we got seated we began with an array of authentic breads with spreads to compliment. Each plate was presented by the lovely servers who explained it's origin and ingredients to me (and were so kind enough to do so in English and German.) Each dish was a work of art with flavors and pairings you could only dream of. We also got to meet Sommelier Manfred Welter, who was incredibly charismatic and passionate with explaining the wine parings to us through out the meal. We tasted an assortment of dishes, all fascinating creations with unique preparation approaches of which I've never witnessed before. We first began with the a small lamb fillet on top of fluffy potatoes with pepper creme. Following this we had one of my favorites- the Imperial caviar and Gillardeau oyster which was a perfectly cooked egg yolk with cucumber vinaigrette along with an oyster baked on top of a sourdough cracker. Then we enjoyed the scallops which were accompanied by pomelo, kohlrabi, peanut and radishes.  Next, came the masterpiece of the Breton Langostino which was in the shape of a fish decorated with tamarillo, bell pepper, calamondin, and black garlic. To top off the savory dishes we finished with the Blackmore Wagyu hailing from Australia which was spiced with tandori topping green beans, apricot, and perennial. Lastly, the endless delectable desserts. We indulged in both the desserts which came with an assortment of sorbets, matcha sponge cake bites, and fresh fruit. The desserts even came with more desserts after- little carrot ice cream popsicles dipped in white chocolate and pistachios, mini chocolate bites, and juice shots to finish.  

The entire meal lasted for nearly 4 hours over savory German wine and conversation, marveling over impeccable cuisine, and all high above the bustling city below. The entire experience is unparalleled and a meal that will never be forgotten. Make sure to book a reservation so you can enjoy Berlin's finest cuisine and sweeping cityscape views. 

Caitlin CollinsComment