Sometimes I like to be a tourist in my own city. Last week I took the double decker site seeing bus out to West Berlin to check out Berlin's most epic breakfast buffet at L.A. Café in the InterContinental Berlin. The hotel is right in front of the Berlin Zoo and next to the Tiergarten- being the perfect place to start an afternoon of exploring. Although I have stayed at my fair share of great hotels this year, L.A. Café by far has the biggest breakfast buffet that I've ever seen. I probably made 15 trips because I insisted in trying it all. I got super excited to first find the "American style" buffet- filled with hot scrambled eggs, super crispy bacon (seriously, I can never find this in Europe,) baked beans with mini jars of Heinz Ketchup which was pure nostalgia for me. I was also ecstatic to find the "Bio Corner" which was the superfoods buffet. With chia seed bagels and quinoa pops to overnight porridge and oat berry squares, it is a dream for someone who travels often but wishes to stay on a healthy track. There is also an adorable mini buffet for the kids corner where they can make their own little plates at their eye level. If you aren't hungry yet, just wait. My favorite part of the whole morning was the Chinese table. I've never had anything like it! I tried Congee for the first time which is a warm rice porridge with 15 different authentic toppings to add to it from fermented vegetables to Jiaozi, a classic Chinese dumpling. We also tried the "century eggs" which are known to be fermented for 100 years ( these were for 60 days.) The bread and pastry table was also full of delicious hearty German breads packed with seeds, nuts, and oats along with dainty pastries, cinnamon rolls, mini muffins and donuts, along with cream filled croissants. Last but not least, the epic live cooking station where the chefs prepare fresh egg dishes like their famous Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, and omlettes, along with pancakes and your choice of berry toppings. The whole experience was like a culinary journey through parts from all over the world. When the weather is cooperative I would book a table on the outdoor terrace and maybe head to the zoo to meet Berlin's new adorable pandas! 

Caitlin CollinsComment