As much as I hate to admit it, I'm obsessed with pink. When I found La Donna Cannone, the little kid inside me squealed with joy. The sweets shop has ice cream, cake, macaroons, cookies, Belgian waffles, green matcha lattes, and anything else your heart desires. Tucked away in a quaint neighborhood in the middle of Friedenau and Steglitz, the cafe is definitely a site to go see. The 50's styled retro ice cream shop feels like you're stepping back in time, where girls wear poodle skirts and chivalry is not yet dead. 

What I love about Germany is that no matter what the weather is like, Germans still love to eat their gelato. I fit in (almost) perfectly considering my unwavering sweet tooth. The Barletta Ice Cream is well known in Berlin and referred to as some of the best in town. It is made with traditional production techniques and with original recipes from Italy in Kreuzberg in the the old Schultheiss Brewery. They have 60 different variations of ice cream, from creamy dairy to fresh fruity flavors. Francesco Barletta came to Berlin in 1989 from Italy where he met Beatrice and the rest was history. Together they followed their passion and love for creating something delicious. For 20 years they began dominating the Berlin ice cream scene- first starting with a small shop in Neukölln to the iconic La Donna Cannone that stands today. The name "La Donna Cannone," comes from a song describing a voluptuous lady with a big heart and a love for cheering up children. 

The store is curated wonderfully with carefully chosen artisan gifts from countries all over the world-  Italian cookies and juices, French trinkets and candies, postcards, journals, giant lollipops, decadent chocolates, etc. The collection of French pastries and German summer berry cakes, send a wafting sweet aroma through the street, basically making your mouth water on the spot. They offer an assortment of coffees but if you want to do it the Italian way, you'll grab an espresso to pair with your gelato. It's the perfect place for a little birthday gathering or girls day out! Boys, don't be frightened by the "girliness," they can still make a bomb coffee and cake. The corner shop is pure nostalgia at it's finest.

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