Finally! Something that is not fast food or a chain restaurant at Alexanderplatz!  Introducing the brand new cozy and delicious restaurant, Momotaro Tavern, serving asian fusion dishes and mouth watering burgers. It's everything Alex has been missing. I live not too far from the center here and frequent the area when I need something from the Galleria or am out and about shopping. Unfortunately, I've always struggled finding something to eat in the area when hunger kicks in (which is obviously every time,) until now. We went last Friday to check out the new tavern and word must have already spread quickly since people were flooding in and out the cafe during lunchtime. The tavern has rustic, handmade, and recycled furniture along with reclaimed lighting mixed with colorful, bright patterned walls. It's the perfect spot to grab a meal while you're waiting for your train or to meet your colleagues for lunch.

The food is beautifully prepared and served on handmade ceramic plates and bowls. They're known for their traditional vietnamese cuisine along with the home cooked asian fusion burgers, but other than the tasty food, I can't wait to go back for the epic whipped cream hot chocolate. They're serving burgers ranging from Angus beef, Korean style beef strips, fried chicken, and crispy chick pea-shiitake patties (of which I seriously can't stop thinking about.) You can of course pair them with crispy french fries or sweet potato fries as well. If you aren't feeling burgers, don't fret, the menu accommodates everyone. From traditional vietnamese soup bowls to chicken cooked in mango coconut milk, they have all sorts of dishes to fix your cravings. We loved the Thai Soup with coconut, vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu- served with jasmine rice. If you're trying to cut carbs they also have creative options such as the Sisho Beef Roll wrapped in rice paper and stuffed with veggies. They have fresh and homemade lemonades and teas along with Berlin's favorites like Club Mate, Fritz Kolas, and Thomas Henry beverages. You can also head over for breakfast where they are serving avocado and egg sandwiches and lattes. Momotaro is open for cocktails and dinner... so there's no excuse to not check them out. Just follow your way to the TV tower and you'll find it!