Tucked away in a beautiful neighborhood in Charlottenburg, Nah Am Wasser is one of the most beloved breakfast and lunch spots in the area. Exposed brick, stucco walls, gorgeous modern light fixtures, and colorful artwork make up the interior of the charming cafe.  You can always tell a place is good when the pace of customers blurs between breakfast and lunch and when there is never a gap in clientele. Regulars pour through the door to grab a table to catch up with friends or family. Whether it be for a quick coffee or conversing for hours over a delicious meal, it seemed to me that the people sitting around me come here frequently.

The cafe is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly, with options for people from all walks of dietary needs. The lunch menu changes daily, offering different varieties of soups, salads, pastas, as well as hearty main courses. Each dish was carefully curated, insuring to be the most delicious and pleasing to the eye. It's one of those places where you can't decide if you want to eat your food or just keep taking photos of it. The portions are hefty so don't fret that you'll leave hungry. The best part is you can order from the breakfast menu all day. You can order bio eggs any way you fancy- scrambled, in a glass, a giant omelette, or fried alongside potatoes, and bacon. You can also order a cheese plate which is served with decadent cheeses, spiced quark, olives, and homemade jams. The vegan option comes with grilled veggies, couscous, olives, and a variety of dips and jam. In addition they offer homemade house cereals, muesli with yogurt, fresh fruit, and nuts or porridge. If you are just wanting a small treat, there are plenty of baked goods that you can order when you're on the run- fresh baked breads, cakes, brownies, croissants, muffins, and plenty more. If you have a sweet tooth, you know where to go.  Nah Am Wasser has a Neukölln location directly on the spree and they also offer a catering service! 

Caitlin CollinsComment